OTD 360 Corsa - typing sounds (63.5g West German vintage black)
Kyle Yerhot

Special feature today: the legendary OTD 360 Corsa Keyboard specifications: - Case: OTD 360 Corsa (Apple silver) - PCB: OTD - Plate: Aluminum - Switches: West German vintage black (G80-1000HAS/06) - Springs: 63.5g SPRiT - Lube: GHv4, my favourite lube at the moment for both tactiles and linears :-) - Stabilizers: Genuine GMK screw-in stabilizers, (clipped, lubed with 205g0) - Keycaps: OG Cherry PBT dyesub (G81-3100SDU) Buy GHV4 lube: http://bit.ly/2RAv7VX Thanks for listening!