Jon Gold:
How do you use @AREdotNA for research? boards for themes vs boards for specific projects? wide-net collecting, discernment over what you add, or a mix of both (giant boards transferred over to smaller 'research selects')?

Alex Singh:
I used to do “wide net collecting” but most of my channels these days are long burn research into various topics. Eg finding happiness during the collapse of civilization.

If a particular aspect has legs I will let it branch off into its own thing. by @ultimape is the best example of organizing large research on arena that I have seen.

Similarly, for my own research everything is chaotic and loosely connected. I treat it like a concept map / graph database. The HomeMech thing is an attempt at melding a hierarchy as a sort of index into an emergent set of topics. Viewing it as 'lens' other's can use. A map.

I'm "ontologically soft", so flexibility of arena allows me to mix and match little pieces of content in a way that fits me. Some spaces become structured for more ridged thru use, and others are more of a mess. The group allowed me a way to create rigid abstraction for others.

Tl;DR: moving blocks of content around like an ant builds their nest.

Ant's distributed/collaborative sorting algorithm in nutshell:
"Does this smell of poo? No? Maybe food goes here."

My intention w/ is to replace what I do on twitter in platform that is content focused over people focused. My threads here wove in other's tweets, and then the tweets vanished as accounts were removed. I described my usage here: #root (twitter)

I use 'signpost' method I discuss in that thread, but adapted to 's format. I can search for my channel on microbiome stuff by searching for "microbiome butts". It works real well with the quick entry bookmarklet and onsite search.

Another thing I do is export what I write into blocks.
I drop it in 'writ snip' channel with enough context so I can repurpose in future.

E.g. I intend to expand on my process in longform so I captured this discussion + stuck in related topic buckets:

How do you use
ultimape 🐜💩