Steps To Resolve A Problem, Or Prepare For Its Impact

  1. First, ask: Is it actually a problem? Why?
  2. List all the negative outcomes if the problem isn't resolved, from best-case to worst-case, so you can know what you're dealing with.
  3. Next, map out all the ways it can be sidestepped. It's better to dodge a flying fist than to block it.
  4. Rank each strategy by its feasibility, determined by its cost (of time, energy, reputation, morality, etc.)
  5. If none of these responses are feasible, or you try them and they fail, then map out how you can tackle it head-on going through the same process.
  6. If you, ultimately, cannot resolve the problem through avoidance or direct engagement, then take the list of possible negative outcomes and begin determining responses to each. You may record multiple responses to each scenario, and rank them via any metric that you prefer.
  7. Remember that time heals all wounds, and that most problems - and their consequences - fade fast. And even faster, today, than ever before.