1) After waking up, count from 5 to 1 and get off the bed at 1 (do not check smartphone).
2) Make your bed
3) Stretch it out (ie take Dante for a walk)
4) Other essentials
Drink and think (think about your day etc and visualize)
“Me Time” - time you give yourself to do nothing

Rule your mornings in order to rule your day.

Waking up early
We each have a chronotype…

Times of the day I find insufferable and cannot think clearly

Most productive times:
Early morning around 5 am
Late evening around 9 am

1) Discipline - Early risers are significantly better at making and maintaining schedules because they have conditioned themselves to work harder and smarter. You are honing a disciplined and organized mind. Get up early by choice.

2) Proactivity - Anticipating problems and realizing the amount of risk involved. They are more proactive in almost any situation and they report feeling more control over their personal and professional lives.

3) Stress reduction - more time for a morning routine

4) Inspiration - something that gets you motivated and excited to achieve.
(Something that directly relates to your goals and challenges your thinking. ie watching documentaries, informational podcasts…)