2-UP will be giving away free copies of its entire catalogue on a rotating hourly basis in the courtyard.

Bread and Puppet Press present roving Jingle Book Vendors throughout the Fair.

Cambridge Book, an art book collection and consultancy directed by Carson Salter and Sandeep Bhuller, will live stream and document select Classroom sessions at In partnership with, a collaborative tool for assembling information. Contribute additional documentation at

Ryan Foerster will host a zine-trade meet-up, open to all. Give a zine, take a zine.

Showpaper presents a series of newspaper boxes created by artists, on view in the courtyard and surrounding areas.

Dexter Sinister and Erik Wysocan present Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz in the Classroom. Time is like that: both point and duration. This is how it can bend and warp. A week, a second, a season: all are equal and discrete, but none are the same. The present can be cut to any number of lengths, from a single vibration of a cesium atom to the display cycle of a digital watch.

Cambridge Book