What's to Love:

  • Swiss Modernism, when executed correctly, implies an education in design and the history of graphic expression.
  • Swiss Modernism, and the international style, also represents a high point in the arc of graphic modernism.
  • The designers practicing in this style show a mastery of the juxtaposition of shape, line, and typography.

What's to Hate:

  • In today's computer-driven world this style is easy to replicate and achieve without the knowledge or history of the style
  • At times it lacks the youthful energy and expression of other styles and eras. It feels very much the world of the elite and educated.

How does it apply to my work:

  • Use the history of design as a tool.
  • Explore what and how a grid can be used
  • Mastering this style is similar to mastering the ollie. Keep moving forward and adding your own style.
  • Explore and experiment with Armin Hoffman's excellent use of juxtaposition.
Notes on Swiss Modernism (International Style)

Personal Musing and Reflections (04/04/19)

Derek Vander Griend