The search for the best pt. 1

I currently have an internal struggle with trying to optimise what I have. Take this brand new Kindle Oasis e-reader, for example, I just don't need it, but I want it. My 7-year-old Kindle (with keyboard) is still rocking, and I don't notice any shortcomings. I just happen to know that there's a new Kindle Oasis and it's beautiful design piqued my interest. If I wouldn't have known about it, I'd be more content with my old one. I feel guilty: just because I know there's something else out there, it shouldn't mean it should devalue my current version, right?

I find myself often searching for the best thing available. Even for trivial stuff like kitchen scales or yoga pants. I'm not searching for a bargain, but I'm searching for the highest quality by reading reviews, forums and recommendations. Am I afraid of buying something not ideal or am I afraid of bumping into something better a week after? Am I that afraid that a marginally less quality product will decrease my own quality of life?

Vipassana (a meditation technique) teaches that annoyances/desires are all intrinsic. They are the product of a little voice in your brain which labels everything ("good"/"bad!"), not an external factor. An example is pain; some people embrace pain to the extent that they even love it, others just wish it to be gone. Or me liking noise music, for most that's just unwanted noise. It's your choice if you like it or not.

I guess what I'm after is knowing how I can be more at ease with not picking the ideal, knowing that the thing I have is not best in class and don't feel the need to upgrade. Maybe I should just hit my meditation mat as soon as I start reading Amazon reviews? Perhaps I should just avoid having stuff in the first place?

The search for the best pt. 1
Jelle Ack