"A single institution doesn't establish a canon, unless that institution is the papacy. Canons get established—and broken down—by consensus, by people debating what's important. I prefer to think of what we do as making propositions. The fact that, over the course of the twentieth century, many of the propositions we made were adopted as dominant narratives speaks to the way in which we argued for those propositions. It does not mean that the narratives are fixed and will last forever.

"I hope that we've created an institution that's supple. Yes, we want to make an argument .And we want to make it in the affirmative: 'We believe that this is an interesting way to see something.' But we don't want to make arguments like, 'This is the only way to see this,' or, 'These are the only histories that matter.' I don't believe we ever intended to do that, and I certainly don't believe we intend to now."

Glenn Lowry (on MOMA), in On Value by Triple Canopy 2016

Lukas W