_Bottom Line

_Bottom Line is a not for profit educational project designed as a tool for online research and distribution of information that already exists online. Powered by Are.na and curated by artists, researchers and documentarians, _Bottom Line is a new experiment in online research through curated topics and themes, the sharing of online or free to use tools, and the discussion of current events, topics and issues from the around the world and online. Inviting guests as curators to take part in an online collaboration of accessible research in multiple areas of discussion through shared reading lists and curated research, utilising links and sources that already exist online; an educational platform of sharing ideas, perspectives and conversation.

A project by Public–Source, _Bottom Line acts as the back-bone to all of our projects and personal research interests. In the name of transparency, we aim to showcase and share all of our topic and concept research for various projects both upcoming and released. We believe in celebrating and supporting the dedication and effort that goes into research led projects, that this commitment should not go unseen. Through publishing our own, we invite others to do so through our reading lists and curated topics, to take part in an open source education tool. Likewise, _Bottom Line acts as a mission statement behind all of our projects at Public–Source that, by definition, the final total of an account or balance sheet is not the fundamental and most important factor.

James Wrigley

Source: _Bottom Line