Alternative Political Resources Starter Pack

Political catchup:

- Capitalism: The Game by Michael Oman-Reagan:

- PewDiePie and the Problem With (fake) Racism - 2019 by The Serfs:

- Nine forces Driving the Rise of Fascism in 2019 by Michael I. Niman:

- The Alt-Right Playbook series by Innuendo Studios:

- World War F: Weaponized Social Media in the Age of Fascism by Michael I. Niman:


- The Privacy Project by The New York Times:

YouTuber recommendations:

Innuendo Studios -
Shaun -
Contrapoints -
Peter Coffin -
NonCompete -
Hbomberguy -
The Serfs -
Angie Speaks -
Mexie -
Kat Blaque -
Intelexual Media -
Feminist Frequency -
Radical Reviewer -
Philosophy Tube -
Thought Slime -
Lindsay Ellis -


The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder -
Chapo Trap House -

Culturally relevant, scant traces of politics:

Wisecrack -
Jenny Nicholson -

Some places for news: - SUPPORT LOCAL NEWS <3

※ American right-wing media is trash and most liberal media is half-trash. Please exercise media literacy when consuming for news (see last section)

Website resources:

Browser Stuff:

~! If you can afford it get a VPN !~ |

Media Literacy 101

With EVERY communication you receive, ask yourself:

  • Who is saying this?
  • What is REALLY being said (subtext)?
  • What ACTION do they seek to trigger?
  • Who will BENEFIT from that action?
  • Are any manipulation tactics being used?
Alternative Political Resources Starter Pack

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Alice Clearwater