The Islamic Garden, Nazia Ansari, 2011

This seminar is a compilation of works of many scholars who have very keenly studied the Islamic design principles. The study would never have been possible without the help of all the works, papers, publications and discussions in the form of Symposiums, conducted by various celebrated scholars over the world.

I would like to extend my humble thanks to all those authors whose work has been included in my endeavour to understand the garden philosophy working under the force of Islamic thinking. The thinking that evolved over a set of reasons directing the way of life guided by Islam and the physical and social factors.

I would also like to thank Prof. Prabhakar B. Bhagwat for providing me with the idea and courage for pursuing this topic as my seminar study. Also, for his time, guidance and his interest which helped me to come to various conclusions which would not have been achieved without his help.

Also, I would like to acknowledge the guidance of the Faculty of Landscape studies and the CEPT Library, which helped me to access various studies and documents, for developing my study.

Lastly, I would like to thank all friends and family for being there for me at all times and believing in me.

Casey Tang