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Something I believe:

At a very young age, we're given "technologies" such as an alphabet, a way of saying "mom" and "dad", a basic grammar, language(s), a small set of numbers from 0-9 which we count and construct other numbers with, etc.

I think someday, (not too far away), we might be given cognitive-linguistic "rules" or "structure" that act as "keys" to a single computer, or an extremely limited set of computers that exist beyond the boundaries of hardware or software — access to computational power that extends in a more general sense that compliments systems like basic alphabets or number systems.

It's pretty easy to lampoon my excitement for what it computers might mean and the forms they might take some day, but I earnestly believe in computers that have lifetimes as long as people do — a computer that captures you and your life for 80-100 years, or beyond.