found document circa spring 2017:

what we need:
anarchist computer zine manifesto

why the left needs to hack
hacktivism then and now
why we stopped and why we need to start again
new hacktivism
what it means to arm the prolitariat today
taking a critical leftist view of tech
not accelerationism but not primitivism
how to take control appropriately
deciding not to be a victim
knowing how to attack to know
intro to cybersecurity
security for non-computer people
knowing how your vulnerable
security tools for organizers

the real armchair activism (slacktivist to hacktivist (or at least protected) in 12 easy steps)
resistance without twitter

easy things to do to help your community
black bloc of code.
community awareness/installation security/anti-surveillance for locales

how not to get doxxed.
covering up? retroactive footprint cleaning. digital LNT

“who’s the enemy?”

resources online - developing communities
im not buff and my moltov aim is shit. how can i help the revolution?

(like, actual) cyberpunk

a document collaboratively authored
Zak Hap