Noma covers by Kobi Benezri studio
Noma covers by Kobi Benezri studio

René Redzepi: A Work in Progress — A documentation of a year at the acclaimed Copenhagen-based restaurant, Noma. The materials for this book were a personal journal recounting the day-to-day life of chef René Redzepi and Noma, accompanied by hundreds of photos gathered from the restaurant's staff smartphones during the same period, and a collection of recipes that were developed that year. The design concept, following the narrative of 'collecting', suggested splitting the publication into three different printed matter: the journal — a soft bound notebook, containing only Redzepi's text, and flat-photographed plants, printed like 'pressed' flowers between the journal's pages; the recipes book — a classic, linen-covered hardback containing ingredient shots and food shots taken by photographer Ditte Isager; the snapshots book — a small format, roughly the size of a smartphone, containing 188 photos, laid out in a way that forces the viewer to rotate the little book from vertical to horizontal format, reflecting the browse through a smartphone photo library.

Charlie B