I get a lot of frustrating questions about stripping. I'll run through some of the most common cases this week and explain...
melanie hoff

...explain how they reveal implicit bias.

Q: What’s the worst experience you’ve had with a customer?
Why go straight to the negative? I’m sure anyone who has worked in sales or customer service has had negative experiences dealing with clients. That’s the nature of working pretty much any job. Designers deal with fussy clients who flake mid-commission and don’t pay out what they contractually agreed to. Doctors deal with hypochondriacs who believe they’re capable of diagnosing themselves. Lawyers spend years fighting cases only to have their clients reoffend and undo years of their labor. We all deal with shitty people. Why not ask about the best experience I’ve had with a client?
Q: What will get you beat in the locker room?

Again, why are we talking about violence between my coworkers and me? We’re all women and nonbinary folks working a job together, sharing space and struggle side-by-side. Of course locker room fights are infamous, but why continue to propagate such a negative narrative? What about asking about friendships in the locker room? Why not ask who has my back when things are difficult? Fights happen in all workplaces, and these altercations can be just as devastating when they aren’t physical. What about when you’re fired for expressing an opinion contrary to your company? What about when you suffer in silence while your coworkers create a toxic environment where microaggressions pass unaddressed?