More questions you should stop asking strippers #stripperPSA How long do you plan to dance? This question makes my blood boi...
melanie hoff

More questions you should stop asking strippers #stripperPSA :

How long do you plan to dance?

This question makes my blood boil because nobody asks this question of any other profession with the same frequency. Do we ask waiters how long they plan to wait tables? Janitors how long they plan to mop floors? Teachers how long they plan to educate children? Why does my job have to be regarded with an eye toward quitting? I know strippers who are in their forties who still bring home thousands of dollars every week. They work hard. The years in our profession have only sharpened their skills and bettered their performance. They have families and children they support with their income. They are legitimate laborers and their work deserves respect. Additionally, this is primarily a question of youth and beauty. It really plays into the myth that successful strippers derive their success through the luck of youth and genetics, which is so far from the truth. Those of us who are successful are skilled hustlers. We’re intelligent and cunning, and can convince you to buy the clothes off your own back. Beauty helps, but it’s truly just one factor of many.

Would you still do your job if you weren’t getting paid?

Nigga, I wouldn’t be doing shit if I wasn’t getting paid. Nobody would. Would lawyers continue filing mountains of paperwork, putting in long hours corralling unruly clients without a paycheck to match their labor? Would accountants continue crunching numbers in banks with green tinted fluorescent lights flickering overhead if they weren’t putting money into their 401K accounts? Would doctors go through over a decade of education, then remain on-call on weekends and holidays if they weren’t making six figures? Most people have some kind of passion hobby we do happily without pay, but the reality is we are putting in hours to get paid. We live in a capitalist society, and that means money is key to living with dignity. People seldom ask other professionals if they would perform their job without pay, so why do people feel entitled to ask this question to dancers? I also want to say that I love dancing. I love the flow of a well executed routine. Fuck you.