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[" i want videogames that are: *messy *rough *fucked up *emotionally honest *expressive *made by people that wouldn't normally make them *everyone and anyone *haunting *confusing *flawed *not products *made by you " - @trashymctrashboy ]

all learning technology should be INSPIRED by the knowledge base, not rely on it

when creating a digital narrative whether it be an game or a course it is important to acknowledge the player as an individual by framing the knowledge to be learned as surreal or an anachronism

the nature of the knowledge should be framed where the instructor is near the same level of competence as the student, humility and everything

this can be through the use of powerpoint presentation or even an mspaint drawing of your annotated framework, as these are the most "rough:" democratic mediums that can be replicated by other students

there should be a level of humility that invites the student to engage with it and collaborate on the building of knowledge but enough competency that doesn't make the student turn away out of disgust or frustration

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