Really neat ideas promotes:

  • chunking
  • connections
  • liberation from quantification
  • collecting
  • non-linearity's philosophy, relevance to instuctional/user experience design advertises itself as a creative platform for working on ideas. Other social media platforms drown itself in values such as likes and shares so content can dominate and compete for user attention. The idea of letting content exist on its own outside of values puts an emphasis on its user base to look for ideas. The experience of information retrieval is rewarded with more information. Your content is unapologetically niche and can exist on its own, free of quantification.

The relevancy of the content itself is determined by the collective of taxonomists that connect it to channels, or collections, rather than by popularity.

The collaborative nature of is something that should inspire instructional designers to make their learning modules act as third spaces, where the student participates in authoring the knowledge alongside the instructor. Each piece of information whether it be a block of text the student wrote, or a link to an internet artifact, or a file they uploaded can be placed inside the channel by topic, and further explained its relevancy in the info description of said block. Commenting on blocks is also an option for the facilitation of group discussion.