What retrofutrism in tech can teach us

The problem I have with quantification in terms of assigning value, and having a record of "progress" are the same problems of a gig economy. Work and rest is extremely blurred, where every absence of work is filled with "I could be doing more work right now" where rest is or leisure is erased. It tries to make the human operate as a machine, functional at all times, ignoring its fragility and sense of wonder. Information technologies make it so that you are always learning, and when you're not you are "missing out" on learning. Not using a technology to work is filled with a void of extrinsic realization rather than the fulfillment of intrinsic ones.

I think something we can learn with primitive technologies like pixel art and chiptune games, as well as non digital experiences like reading a book or the filing of papers is to find sublimity in what it lacks, whether it be how well it replicates reality or recording the accuracy and predictability of what your user base wants. It not only fills us the nostalgia of being in the past, but reconciles that it is okay to feel and be smaller at times. It's okay to lose things and adapt. It is okay to remedy the arbiting of failures and successes with unplugging from the nature of accuracy and appeal to imagination. More importantly, it is okay for technology to go wrong. Technology in tech ed should have limitations build into it so that learning becomes a collaboration rather than a directive. The user compensates for the technology's lack of graphics for the imaginary dynamics evoked by spritework. It gives users the ownership of maintaining the experience with the task of replacing a camera's film. It creates a demand for limited technologies to design with user engagement and responsiveness in mind.