Zines as Open Educational Resources for Code Newbies

"Creating open educational resources (OER) is a great way to test or refresh your knowledge whilst helping others to learn. At October's MozFest, I was fortunate enough to stop by Éléonore and Malwine's zine display. I'd missed their session, but the mini magazines they had inspired demonstrated how any subject, from complicated data science to city guides, could be broken down into bitesize indie publications."

I fuck with Open Educational Resources so hard. The democratic nature of them being accessible to the public for remixing and copying to any individual's learning experience is a sentiment that lets information exist on its own without competing with others. Any type of refinement that happens to the learning object is out of sincerity and personal interest rather than capital gain.

Because of this, I think Zines, are politically and visually similar in the aesthetic of OER. Zines are independently produced publication either by an individual or small group of people, for personal distribution. It is more intimate in their medium and less transactional in its lifeforce. Even the rough aesthetic of mixing media with paper, pen, crayon, cut up images, glue, etc. is a testament to the malleability of learning in the public. It is rough and sloppy and therefore accessible to anyone to collaborate and circulate. Sure, it poses a problem for validity and authorial intent but you know what? Who really cares enough to infiltrate a circle and spread false information like that? And even if it did happen, it would be fixed in a minute. This isn't 2007. I don't think people would waste time spreading false information without an agenda.


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