1) What do you first remember most fondly about using the internet?:

I guess it was that exciting feeling of entering an unknown and unexplored world and never knowing what treasures could be found out there or what surprise might be waiting behind the next link.

2) What do you think has changed the most since your early years on the web? :

Everything has become professionalized. Money and attention seem to be the most important motivations why many people share something online. The almost naive playfulness and spirit of experimentation I as I experienced it in the early years is hard to find these days. I. The early days it felt more like everything is possible now most of the "experience" is streamlined and comfortable.

The other thing is overregulation. Governments make laws that regulate what you can't do on the internet and by adding surveillance methods and filters they try to make sure that you comply.

Lastly the users have changed. Since initially you needed a little bit of technical expertise and knowledge to enter and navigate the internet it was more of a nerd affair. Now everyone is online, which is of course desirable, but it also has raised the ratio of idiots and gullible people which in consequence gave us trolls, fake news and lynch mobs.

3) How do you use the internet and what do you mostly use it for?:

I use it to find material for my art - one of my favourite sites for that search is the Internet Archive. And of course I use it to share what I make and communicate with peers.

4)What is your biggest concern about the internet and/or the future of the web?:

As I mentioned before, the biggest problem I see are the forces that try to regulate and tame the internet. And this is driven by many actors: governments, lobby groups, companies but also "concerned citizens" that try to limit free speech and free expression.

5) What would you change about the way we use the internet or how it is controlled now?:

I want more rough edges, more dirty corners and of course no censorship, content filters or surveillance.

6) Link your favourite website (This could be a link to a site that you love now or simply a site that you loved from your internet childhood):

Username/Name: Mario Klingemann / Quasimondo

Age: 49
Gender: M
Location: Munich, Germany
Job Role/Description: Artist

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