1) What do you first remember most fondly about using the internet?:

Gathering information quickly questions go unanswered / staying in contact easily with friends that do not live close to you / finding new music.

2) What do you think has changed the most since your early years on the web?:

I rely on the internet more now, gone are the days when you needed to guess where you are going when in a new city, you may have asked for directions in the past and had some contact with another human being, this is now gone. Also, things which I used to find unbelievable are now normal and the extraordinary is now ordinary. 

3) How do you use the internet and what do you mostly use it for?:

4) Music, reading articles, listening to podcasts, research, films, events and keeping up to date with friends lives. 
What is your biggest concern about the internet and/or the future of the web?:

Security, as things become more automated and information such as passwords are stored on devices this makes people more vulnerable. For instance, passwords are stored on iCloud with Apple and if someone gets access to your iCloud they have access to everything, you bank accounts, the lot. Also, as monitoring is getting more and more, privacy is going less and less, the worrying element is that eventually, other may be able to see what websites you have been on, who you have been speaking with, etc. Another area which is worrying is bullying, I don’t know much about the area but can see how easily it is to harm others with words online whilst not seeing the repercussions of what you have said. 

5) What would you change about the way we use the internet or how it is controlled now?:

This is a touchy subject, we need to keep people protected whilst also giving people the freedom to enjoy the internet. Providing a way of users having the protection with the option of being unmonitored when they want to view what they like. Freedom of information is something I would like to see in the future but it will be hard with the rise of online bullying and cyber security linked with terrorism, etc. 

6) Link your favourite website (This could be a link to a site that you love now or simply a site that you loved from your internet childhood):


Username/Name: Levi Ashley
_Bottom Line

Age: 27
Gender: M
Location: Manchester 
Job Role/Description: Financial Analyst