1) What do you first remember most fondly about using the internet?:

Growing up, playing games on websites like MiniClip and Runescape. I vividly remember seeing the first ever YouTube video in my high school IT class, the one at the zoo. I looked forward to those classes in the IT building, because there were so many students crammed in, you could just mess around on the internet of you found the best spot.

2) What do you think has changed the most since your early years on the web?:

I think I know more about the internet now, which can be a double edged sword. Sometimes, the more you know, the less you wish you knew. Also the speed, I remember painfully loading things up with dialup internet. Now everything is pretty fast, especially in my birth country South Korea (I believe they have the fastest in the world?).

3) How do you use the internet and what do you mostly use it for?:

The main reason I use the internet is for information and communication. Communication between friend and I, as well as with strangers around the world. This is something, until relatively recently, that would take weeks or months, to the mere seconds it takes now. It's quite magical when you think about it.

4) What is your biggest concern about the internet and/or the future of the web?:

The UK government has tried passing laws to enforce censorship, several times under different names. This is disconcerting, one only has to look to China to see how this can end up - the country with the biggest population in the world has its most important source of information controlled by the state. In conjunction with this is the mass spread of false information, as a tool to divide and misdirect people, á la propaganda. Bombard people with so much information that it becomes nigh impossible to sift through the trolls and the lies to be able to actually find the truth, which is hidden beneath it all.

5) What would you change about the way we use the internet or how it is controlled now?:

In all honesty, I'm not sure. I know censorship is important, nothing should be censored in my opinion. But how do you stop powerful states using the internet to spread false information, as well as to subvert foreign politics to support their own goals? I don't know.

6)Link your favourite website (This could be a link to a site that you love now or simply a site that you loved from your internet childhood):

Reddit (although it as its own share of problems!)

Username/Name: Chan-yang Kim

Age: 28
Gender: M
Location: Manchester
Job Role/Description: Chef

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