1) What do you first remember most fondly about using the internet?:

I remember being allowed to play y8 games on my mother’s PC when I was around 7, it was very exciting, but I wasn’t really aware of the fact that it was the internet, I did not know what it implied or contained. As I got older, I explored more things on the internet like funny videos on youtube or being able to search GTA cheats on google.

2) What do you think has changed the most since your early years on the web?:

I think the internet has become accessible and possible for more people. The internet has changed a lot over the last years, the internet contains much more information and data than it did. Also, people have become more used to using the internet. These things have unfortunately also made it possible for people wanting to earn money to manipulate and affect users of the internet in commercial and sly ways.

3) How do you use the internet and what do you mostly use it for?:

I am an average internet user. I write and read messages, watch movies, make schoolwork, play games, read about different topics, buy things, sell thing, watch porn and upload music. But really, you could call all that some kind of communication. Between common people or between a company and potential buyers. I mostly communicate on the internet.

4) What is your biggest concern about the internet and/or the future of the web?:

My biggest concern is that the technology of the internet will evolve to an extend where it becomes either too hard to control, too easy to take advantage with, or too humanlike. These things would make it more powerful than human, not necessarily on its own, but in the wrong hands.

5) What would you change about the way we use the internet or how it is controlled now?:

I think the internet should be more non-biased. There is too much content based on recent activity, and that makes people too aliened or homogenic. It harms the ability to discover new things, exchange opinions, be surprised and evolve both socially, intellectually and aesthetically. Also, I think that these tendencies are caused by the money people, they make it too easy to repeat habits like seeing the same kind of series, listening to the same music, buying the same clothes or even following the same type of people on Instagram.

6) Link your favourite website (This could be a link to a site that you love now or simply a site that you loved from your internet childhood):

Youtube.com - so much content to educate, inspire and inform
https://sahelsounds.bandcamp.com - good music
https://filmcentralen.dk - danish online library for movies
https://www.viking.virkelighed.dk/vaaben.htm - funny and inspiring

sorry for not choosing one website only

Username/Name: hexemanden

Age: 18
Gender: man
Location: Denmark
Job Role/Description: Student in Gymnasium

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