1) What do you first remember most fondly about using the internet?:

Chatting with girls on AIM and exploring strange spaces. The internet always felt sort of taboo, I lived in a pretty strict household, so it was always a place where I could escape that.

2) What do you think has changed the most since your early years on the web?:

I think if I were to have kept track of the total number of different websites I visited per year in 2005 versus now, the difference would be staggering. We are siloed into like 3 content aggregators competing for our attention. The web simultaneously feels sanitised and hostile in all the
wrong ways. Whereas it used to feel kind of punk for a kid growing up in a strict family…its now the suburban shopping mall I used to throw bananas at ( true story ).

3) How do you use the internet and what do you mostly use it for?:

News, computer programming, and shitty self promotion. I perform for twitter. It’s not me, it’s
how I get work.

4) What is your biggest concern about the internet and/or the future of the web?:

Every action anyone takes on the network is labor that produces value for someone else. This much is obvious…your behaviour online is the raw material for decision making systems to become more efficient in order to ultimately make other people money. This has created a feedback loop that is exacerbating the worst instincts of society…with the result being that the nature of work, the way we treat the environment, the way we treat each other… have all been reoriented towards apocalyptic efficiency. My biggest concern isn’t about the future of the web… its about
the future the web has created.

5) What would you change about the way we use the internet or how it is controlled now?:

I am reading a book where the internet just disappears. I’m not ready for apocalypse, I’d be the
first to be eaten.

I was going to write an answer about p2p and the hope of building our own networks for our own communities…but now I’m thinking…what if we just made the internet we have less efficient. A slow, clunky thing that is fully at odds with “move fast and break things”. What would that do?

6) Link your favourite website (This could be a link to a site that you love now or simply a site that
you loved from your internet childhood):

This is the only website that should exist: http://slowhotcomputer.com/

Username/Name: Dhruv Mehrotra

Age: 30
Gender: M
Location: NY
Job Role/Description: Investigative Data Reporter at Gizmodo Special Projects

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