May 16th co-living/redistribute wealth meeting

1.Optional homework is at the beginning
2.Meeting notes
3.Agenda for next meeting
*started items are to-do's (either for future or for homework)

1.Optional homework for next meeting:

*send properties to Jennifer Camille. Elizabeth will also be happy to help. Listing team!
*emotional homework: do emotional/meditating/poetry: think about what I absolutely not deal with in a group setting. And then, what do you personally struggle with the most in group dynamics. Where have I fucked up most in a group. One or the other or all. Honest expression. No judgement. 
1-3 sentences. 30 seconds will be shared on next group.. “Quick Flash”
We know where we stand, we don’t know exactly what it means. Loving constraint. 
*Cedric will bring a projector to next meeting
*Cedric will go through and collect important notes and find action items and send to specific people.
*Max will bring a chime to the next meeting.

  1. Meeting Notes *****************

List directory - 2 people could be in charge of this, and they would put it in an excel.
Formalize into a dossier to print. (Lucy could participate)
App proposal - Jenny suggested that this would be a good tool, but we need to do research for it.
-something could happen between people and excel list
Interviews, schemes from dossier would be used to inform the App.

MATCH: This group has been preselected as being compatible!! (As a hypothetical circumstance)

Workgroups: lets plan them! (For the people that want to be in them)

Define what communal means (this could be a good distinction for pairing people)

Group sharing of coop things

Coop in glasgow that has people propose projects and mentality that whoever walks can be the next leader. 
Scrooging where you hire investigator to get drug evidence on rich school, tell parents to lobby against juvenile detention or else their kids go to jail.

Coop was a house that was purchased by a group in college

Group relations. Andrew Fraiser. Sponsored by Grex. Based on Tavistock method
-applies social science to contemporary issues and problems
-identifies that we prescribe tell us about the systems that created it. 
—groups will take on and hold similar trauma elements like shame. 

CSA - community sustained agriculture. Relevant to housing and shared resources. Organized with 200 people over message boards. The interface was so convoluted and in German that it limited involvement.  Contributions were flexible and were never logged. You could put in a lot of hours or more money but it would be based on trust. Community and entertainment events were critical in keeping people unified. We very non-hierarchy, but it didn’t work out in practice. There was a core unity of 15 people, 4-5 were paid, 3 were paid farmers that would be regulating. Everyone got to decide what was grown and next steps of the organization. But nitty gritty was a core group of people. The fact that they called themself non-hierarchical was nice, even if there was core and main members. 

Kchung is no-hierarchies. 5 people did the main things, and everyone as fine with this. 

Waiting list - could be important for marketing our thing. 

Eco village talk
-task driven. Comes from Europe and practiced in the east coast. Became popular. Previous models of consensus there have been discontents which disrupts belonging and security. This address disorganization or unstated hierarchies and got a lot of stuff done. 
*-get the notes

We don’t want to do what Columbia does? Columbia has housing that’s cheaper they bought for their students
-landtrust - their mission is equity 
-columbia - to serve their family

What is the role of non-profit university to capital? It's still one that helps capital and power. 
-high patriarchal infrastructure, even if there is familiarity on cursory levels.

Network of squats in Amsterdam for climate justice.  put food and housing for 100 people across Europe.
-luxury gay space community
-people were happy and safe and queer. People had bent against climate change. Gym. 
-wasn’t too privy about how the squats lived day to day. 
-squats were illegal at first but they eventually convinced govt to give them buildings as long as they were up to code.
-Bay Area has certain protections around the squats even though they are illegal 
-in LA there is a way to own to squat. Take over utilities. Make improvements. Make it clear that you are sleeping there. There is a certain amount of time of regular sleeping that becomes labeled a squat. And then the police know that they can’t forcibly remove you if you are squatting. There is a different set of laws. 

Maybe we should do a communal week long retreat at like some kind of community organizing summit? Take the ideas that we like and try it out ourselves?

If we went the route of squatting we could talk to them about self policing and help the police help us help them.

Defend Boyle heights has a self policing place. 
-they are very specific, which is a tenant of success.

Got resources for 1st and 3rd floor. Pooling of food resources and eating together every night without weird dynamics forming. It was successful because there was a slumlord and they could do whatever they wanted. Group of friends that came together and Brought people in. 

Semester program of kids that want to go to art school but don’t have portfolio. Summer program is fundraising for semester program for very wealthy kids. Ideal scenario of funding and resources. There was really intensive non-violent communication trainings. Counseling trainings. Develop curriculum together. 2 week training visioning, one group of kids, one week break, another group of kids, and then another week to reflect and review. 

Current events book reading group that’s non hierarchical. Working through collective issues. Current events get played out in interpersonal dynamics. Capitalist realism 
-full book: 
Body keeps the score. 
-full book: 

The current events reading group - Skylight Books
There has been people, such as academics, who just want to prove a point. dynamics have really shifted over time. 30 people, rows, and discussing something that’s pretty sensitive. Some people dominate more. People were really uncomfortable about people dominating. Structuring it so that introverts talk more. Some people were disgruntled and wanted it to be the same as it was before. And because it was in a public space some people didn’t feel like anyone should moderate. Implemented meditated for a couple of minutes in the beginning. And a break in between. And after the break having a pause and saying, if anyone who hasn’t spoken, this is a chance for them to speak. People have done actions outside of this such as bake sell. 
-it has helped people to do actions outside of the group for the group such as a run for charity for homeboy.
-10 day vipassana (a silent meditation retreat) was really good for getting to know group, seeing your projections.

Squatting was huge in the uk 10 years ago very publicly. 

Pleasure Activism.

Grew up in Janism community. People from the community bought property together. Publishes a journal. 

Extra - a non hierarchical journal. Divergent philosophies. 
-Work by consensus, which is very difficult because if one person has a different view on something, everyone else has to be very patient, and it may change everything. 

We need to look at where capitalism is within us. 

There are rules to govern groups. 

Sum of a group is a new group. 

Maybe for the next meeting: think about what we would like to bring to the group, what things we can’t deal with. Telling someone how you are perceiving their actions that are based in your own trauma. Someone who has trauma of loud sounds. 

Sharing could shift the way we see each other. 
Sound is a property. We can think of sound, legal issues, the ways of which the white dominant ways shape how we respond.

*We could do a time planning and short break before each meeting

We could have a group during one of the meetings where people break into small groups and work, and then present

Scrooge for acquiring wealth

one person would like a coworking space or helping community that is co-living, but isn’t interesting in co-living. Their skillset is financial planning

Cedric would be happy to collect things everyone brings and clean up the things so that it can be found again. 
*Cedric will ask questions for everybody during sessions. 

Our end product for the Navel presentation is a printed format thing. 

Maxwell and Lucy and Cedric on getting the written stuff.

Lucy can be publishing organizer.

One person is happy to do photoshop design, after content is there. And ‘business shit!’

One person would be happy to do editing work and help sending drafts out to everybody. Things might be printed before it is ready, so then everybody.

One person doesn’t want to do outside work but would be happy to look over final draft of publication to make sure they are ok with the info they contributed. 

Jennifer is happy to collect properties
*send properties to Jennifer Camille. Elizabeth will also be happy to help. Listing team!

Jennifer wants to be part of scrooging team. 

One person would like to be timekeeper and sush people when time has come.

  1. Agenda for next meeting: *****************

Short meditation and say break times
Share emotional homework. 30 seconds each.
-break times: 55 min work-5 min break. And then a longer 55 min break in middle after second hour session. And then workgroup could go on longer. 
*Max will bring a chime. 
*Have projector for things (will bring it for next time)
Jennifer shares properties. Other people can speak up. People can talk about why they are interested in. And this can move towards what they are purchasing.  We learn a little bit about everyone's intentions and desires. Where is the middle of venn diagram. We had conversation. We got closer to listing group or characteristics to look out for more in future listing research. ’Rounds’ of list building that goes on for a long time (doesn’t have to though)

Guiding for property discussion: What does Camille corp look like, how do we get funding, market ect. Look back and make this defining mode through generating mode. In the end this can help with branding of website. 

2 or 3 people could be researchers while meeting is going on to contribute to the future writing.

1 hour for properties and another hour for discussion and an hour for workgroups / spin the bottle during the break? Lol? 

*make venn diagram for publication!

*having questionnaire in publication. This could be inner scrooging as well. 

During the next meeting we could start to collect questions and put them to Cedric. He will collect/edit? them during the subgroup section. 

Let’s go macro! How do we expand for 200 people. How do we make our group imitable / ask people to imitate.

May 16th Meeting Notes and homework

1.Optional homework is at the beginning
2.Meeting notes
3.Agenda for next meeting
*started items are to-do's (either for future or for homework)

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