135. Movement = Movimiento
135. Movement = Movimiento

Movement = Movimiento is a discussion series launched at IdeasCity New Orleans by Lizania Cruz focused on the impact of climate catastrophe on migration, specifically in the Black and Latinx communities of New Orleans, and how these migration patterns can serve as a base to build a coalition and identify actions. After Katrina thousands of Black Americans lost their home forcing a migration movement. At the same time, thousands of Latinx migrants moved to New Orleans in search for jobs rebuilding the city. At the end of each recorded discussion, which take place within and activate readymade installations inspired by construction materials, collaborators are given a platform to frame opportunities for future alliances to create just communities.

Artist: Lizania Cruz
Year: 2019
Location: New Orleans, LA
Image credit: Lizania Cruz

Presented at IdeasCity New Orleans

New Museum, IdeasCity