Why I cant sleep:
Do ants swarms compute Bayes' & have a "functional analog to the prefrontal cortex that generates executive functions"?

Is a social insect (the one living with humans) going to give up my food when I start eating it??
Can I eat my own eggs/donuts/potato chips?
Is my car (or house or car) going to be covered in ants ?
I do NOT own ant colonies...so far I have tried to use any and all insects available to me.
I cannot understand if I live in the U.S.A. or in a different country where there could also be a swarm of ants?
Why I am worried about my house being covered of ants?
Is there another colony of ants (or if there is) outside my house? Where do they all come from?
Is there food or food co-existence between both my house and the colony that I am currently seeing?