Connection Threshold As The Catalyst From Simple to Complex Digital Systems

At some point, simple digital systems breach a threshold at transform into complex ones.

This threshold might be the total number of connections, or "possible interactions" that a system accommodates. With each new feature and user, these systems rapidly multiply the total number of possible interactions that can be initiated.

At the point of the breach, an invisible catalysis occurs, and emergent phenomena are now capable of manifesting.

This phenomena might emerge through security breaches, social and cultural developments, or "novel" (i.e. unintended) uses for the system.

At this point, the system - the platform or app or "digital product" - is "out of the control". The creators enter the system as participants along with the users - and can only resort to observing for emergent phenomena and adapting the system to it. This cycle of emergence and adaptation will persist for the system's life as a complex entity.

Alex Singh