The Body of Work: Olivia de Salve Villedieu

This yellow book, filled with short stories, indexes, and a bright body of work, is a little bit rebellious, a little bit scandalous, but mostly self-indulgent. It is an invitation to release, unhinge, and get, consensually, tied up. Here graphic design is not a thinking tool, but rather an attitude—a desire to engage and skew. It is a place where affection translates into practice and lifts an eyebrow to modernism. The work is one of contrast; it contradicts and plays. By excavating simple systems for complex reasons, it deconstructs the fundamental primaries of graphic design and recontextualizes them by holding them accountable to a contemporary set of ideals. The work flirts with graphic design’s social history and re-entangles its arms and legs with conceptual artists and filmmakers who break for cigarettes and from tradition.

RISD MFA Graphic Design 2019