If anything happens to the database and you can't seem to fix it, it might be best to completely delete the Docker volumes holding the database and recreating them.

Deleting all the containers

Before deleting the volumes, you need to delete all the existing containers using the following command (make sure the application is not running).

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q) -f

Deleting all the volumes

Once all the containers are deleted, you can delete all the Docker volumes on your computer using the following command.

docker volume prune

If you don't want to delete all the Docker volumes on your computer, you can search for a specific one and deleting it.

docker volume ls
docker volume rm <name_of_volume>

Recreating the volumes

Recreating the volumes is as simple as restarting the application.

docker-compose up --build
Remove all Docker volumes to delete the database
Lauren Dorman