99U Quarterly - Issue 6

This is an issue for 99U, which is Adobe’s resource and event series that aims to help creatives supercharge their work and make their ideas happen.

I like that the design is pretty minimal, and that the design of the issue. I also liked the choice of pairing a sans-serif font with a serif font. The headings as sans-serif and body text as serif were kept consistent throughout the issue. What I thought was most interesting about this publication was that in certain parts, the heading text would break into the body text and images, either laid in front of behind the text or images. It was interesting to me because it sort of broke this structure of how we normally read a publication (heading first, then body text following underneath, etc.)

There was also a spread in the issue where it played with the stretching of the text of a quote, which gave me the feeling of tension and being strained, which sort of emulated the quote's meaning.

Allison Yick

Source: 99U Quarterly - Issue 6