Evan Roth.jpg
Evan Roth.jpg

nternet Cache Self Portrait series
Lambda and vinyl prints
Size variable
2014 - ongoing

The Internet Cache Self Portrait series are composed of uncensored streams of images passively collected through daily Internet browsing. Faces of “friends” from social media exist side by side with corporate logos, mangled pieces of google maps, family photos and banner advertisements. These algorithmically produced prints act as a contemporary nude, exposing in a generous and open way the subjects's private online interactions. The Internet Cache Self Portrait series attempts to reveal something human and intimate about us through the lost narratives left behind in our interactions online. While the work puts the artist as the focus, it is also painting a portrait of the Internet at this specific moment in time. The prints, composed of memories that were never intended to be saved, are archiving the seemingly incidental into something permanent.

Rachel Morón

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