Do you pray? It is one of the most intimate questions. Do I? Yes, I pray – earthwise rather than to any off-ground god – and, though I cannot tell you the words I use, I will tell you their core is beauty. These prayers are the strongest elixir of my language. I put the essence of myself into them, but if anyone was looking, they would see no drama, no props, just breath and a certain abstraction from the mundane for a sweet minute. I pray in the mornings and my mind doesn’t feel right until I have done so. Mornings are more ritual-garlanded than other times of the day, readying oneself to steady the day. Rituals of exercise, yoga, meditation, journalling or dream diaries; rituals of washing and rituals of eating. (Breakfast is the most habit-bound of meals.) Creating internal order before the day unleashes its chaos, one attempts through ritual to decrease one’s own missteps, placating mischance.