SNOWDEN: Yes, he's on his laptop. And we're looking at the man behind the device. And in his lap is a little boy, a toddler, who's just playing on the keyboard. And the father's smiling. And the little boy looks at the webcam. It's just a glimpse, but to me it seems as though he's looking at me. And it reminds me of my childhood, of learning about technology with my own father. And I realize this man has done nothing wrong. He's just trying to get a job. He's just trying to study. He's just trying to get through life like all of us are. And yet, he's caught up. His children are caught up. We are all caught up by a system that we were not allowed to know existed. We were not allowed to vote whether this was proper or improper, and courts were not allowed to assess - open courts, real courts - whether it was proper and constitutional. Where do we go from there?

Jack Wedge