“reset, reset (found list)” –Maryanne Casasanta
“reset, reset (found list)” –Maryanne Casasanta


  1. Look at a flower as if you have never seen a flower before.
  2. Don’t drink coffee for five days. Then, sit down and drink a double espresso. Feel the drug surge through your veins.
  3. Feel the movement of your elbows as you walk. Then your shoulders. Then your ankles.
  4. Listen to tiny sounds.
  5. Have a long nap in the middle of the day. Wake up after sunset. Note your disorientation.
  6. We are always in the middle of the world. Them is no beginning.
  7. Give every letter in the alphabet a colour, a personality. What do they remind you of?
  8. Watch a film. Turn off the sound. Watch the people in the background.
  9. Describe a sunset without using any words.
Roberto Greco