This may be why many of the companies that have set up physical shops have doubled down on their status as lifestyle brands since beginning their expansion campaigns. Visit a Warby Parker store and you’ll discover plenty of frames to try out, but you’ll also find much more. Under one shelf of glasses in their Shay location, the company has placed a few copies of the magazine n+1, accompanying them with a placard that describes the publication as “our favorite literary troublemaker. Good to read, good to gift, good to hide under the bed.” Elsewhere, Warby offers NYRB Classics editions of books by Tove Jansson, Richard Hughes, and others. These, the store’s designers imply, are the books you’ll want to read once you can see well enough to do so. But they’re also, one suspects, the books you’ll want to be seen reading, the ones that will go best with your hip new frames.