LIBRARY OF WATER.....Where there was once a library of books, there is now a series of collections gathered by Horn and her collaborators in Iceland. These include Water, Selected, a constellation of identical floor-to-ceiling glass columns containing samples originally gathered as blocks of ice from twenty-four glaciers across the country. And Weather Reports You, a series of weather reports from people living in Stykkishólmur and the Snaefelsness peninsula. The latter collection was published as a book in 2007 to mark the opening of the project with a companion volume currently in preparation in Japan to be published in 2017.

The Library of Water was conceived by Horn to accommodate a range of community uses - meetings, concerts, weddings, chess, yoga etc. It is open to visitors through the summer months and is used by the local community throughout the year. The basement of the building, formerly used to store books, was converted into a place for writers to live and write, and a series of residencies have taken place since 2007.

lydia lapporte