My teeth are the first and last things I attend to every day. I can't go to bed unless I've brushed my teeth. It's zen. It's monotonous. It opens and concludes my day. Even when I was a kid - too lazy to get up to brush my teeth - my dad would come with my toothbrush and paste, two cups of water (one clean & one dry) and brush my teeth for me. Until today, even when I'm camping or outdoors in the army, I have to do it.

Teeth are such a large sector of our culture. We eat with them. We kiss with them. We decorate them and they are an identifier of our status. Bad teeth, pearly white teeth, crooked teeth.. they're all statements. Some even fashion statements. There are huge branding opportunities for dentists, brands like Colgate (which has become a staple name) and even Santa ads, selling toothpaste as sex-appeal products.

I've looked into teeth as extensions of our bodies. There are retainers, mouth guards, pollution covers. Oral fixation is a common process in our society today - chewing gum, smoking cigarettes, suction bottles... What would Freud say?