try to imagine what might have motivated you to give something like ImageNet a try. Perhaps you approached it in the same spirit that you might have, in another age, agreed to visit the fortune teller at a carnival. Now, what exactly is it that you expect? Or what do you tacitly hope for? Do you hope that the tool validates your sense of identity? That it, in other words, confirms to you that you are just who you think you are? If so, what does this reveal about how we experience our own self? Why would we crave independent verification of the reality about which we alone would seem to be in a position to know best?  Do you hope that your result is absurdly off the mark? Would this be a relief, dispelling the fear that we could be so readily legible to a machine, that who we are was so uncomplicated a reality that a computer program could easily discern its essence? Or do you hope that it reveals something about you to yourself, something that has escaped your notice, something that will solve for you the mystery of just who exactly you are?  If so, why is that? Are we bored with ourselves? Are we sure that something of consequences is missing and altogether baffled by the thought of finding it?