The app, an Object, allows the user (Agent) to navigate a specific Environment. What some might consider a problem space. The Environment is both map and territory.

The narratives (sometimes abstracted into interfaces) that the creators use to guide the Agent through the Environment are almost always in monotone. A new theory of design would benefit from the creation of new narratives, ones that can be blended, spliced, overlaid and explored from multiple perspectives.

Designing a multi-faceted narrative to navigate these Environments would reveal and thus confirm the underlying systematic foundation inherent to this (and all) technology.
It would acknowledge the rhizomatic pathways that hijack imposed attempts at linear path-making (and path-taking).
And it would encourage an orientation towards the design of flexible boundary spaces, filled with Emptiness (per Kenya Hara) within which we can encourage the emergence of Agent defined paths, that deemphasize the pre-defined and pre-designed paths formed the creators.