1997 | Hélène, Elein Fleiss
1997 | Hélène, Elein Fleiss

Published by Rockin' On, 1997

Hardcover, ca. 100 pages, 215 x 304 mm.
First edition

Published at the occasion of the exhibition at gallery THE Deep, in Tokyo in 1997, organized by Elein Fleiss and Makoto Ohrui. Named after actress and nineties icon Hélène Fillières, this book comprises the whole of 90s Paris based anti-fashion, probably the most brilliant fashion book of the decade. It includes photographs by Mark Borthwick, Anette Aurell, Camille Vivier, Christophe Brunnquell, Laetitia Benat and Anders Edstrom among others.

Though she began her career as a curator of art exhibitions, Elein Fleiss founded the seminal Purple Magazine with Olivier Zahm at the age of 24. Purple – in its various incantations, Purple Prose, Purple Fashion, Purple Sex etc. – has gone down in publishing history and changed the relationship between art, architecture and fashion, resisting the obvious and the commercial.

Beau Bertens

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