-Incongruity and cognitive dissonance.
Examples: woke capitalists, hostile deterrents with celebratory or LGBT
signage, vegan soldier, etc.

-"Cute" innocuous aesthetic.
Cuteness is overall an aestheticization of powerlessness, but there are
different reasons why corporations and individuals seem to adopt cuteness.
A corporation does so in the hope of disarming itself to us, to put at rest
any fears, worry, or suspicions we may have of them.
Individuals are attracted to it when they feel helplessness, pitifulness,
a loss of hope. Spreading economic precarity and uncertainty about the future
are probable causes for an increase in the adoption of cuteness, just as it
was for the Japanese after WW2.

-Performative activism and moralism. (Spectacles)
The fetishization of decorum in public officials.
-Best selling self. Anxiety about being perceived as having high moral standards in

-Ideological Blackmail
The fantasy being that western consumerism, far from being intrinsically implicated in systemic global inequalities, could itself solve them. All we have to do is buy the right products. - Mark Fisher

Overarching themes being formed

I'll periodically update this block with new themes/trends that appear in this channel as well as expanding on already noted ones.

Roberto Burboa