Brian: The goal of my project is to use the library’s public domain audio as source material for hip hop music production. By embedding these materials in hip hop music, listeners can discover items in the library’s vast collections that they likely would never have known existed.

I will do this by collaborating with library staff to identify sonically interesting and culturally relevant audio and moving image collections that are free to use for sample-based hip hop production. I will then develop music-making tools that facilitate serendipitous moments and connections between users and library audiovisual materials. I use these tools myself to create hip hop music that I will share throughout the process. As these new sounds travel to listeners’ ears, the unique materials that are referenced travel with them. So that’s what I mean by “discovery through hip hop” which I believe aligns with the mission of the Library of Congress to make culture and history accessible to the public while at the same time facilitating the use of those materials in the creation of new cultural artifacts.

Brian Foo on "discovery through hip hop" at the Library of Congress

Brian Foo about this Innovator in Residence project at the Library of Congress.

Philo van Kemenade