Tana Sprague sampling the sounds of Caciocavallo cheese maturing (photo by Leandro Pisano, 2010)
Tana Sprague sampling the sounds of Caciocavallo cheese maturing (photo by Leandro Pisano, 2010)


“You can’t grow food with an iphone app but Tana Sprague can sample the sounds of Caciocavallo cheese maturing. I was curious, when I first heard about it, as to the meaning of ‘’Rurality 2.0′ – the theme of the Interferenze festival in Italy last week. So now I know. It would miss the point to ask “why?” – and besides: this is my favourite summer picture so far.”

some video within here: https://vimeo.com/24301693

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“I am transfixed with micro details, and the elevation of consciousness that is obtained through attuned presence. With focus fluctuating between digital and organic, my work creates a space where one complements the other. Inspired by the elegant complexity of organic forms, I utilize various devices to synthesize a similar enveloping intricacy. My approach is primarily intuitive, but may also incorporate generative processes that either directly inform the structure, or become the perceptual data itself. My intention is to heighten and transform awareness of time, space, place and scale, by seeping through the senses.”

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Tana Sprague is an artist, curator, producer, and cultural organizer based in Oakland, CA. She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts from UCSD (http://musicweb.ucsd.edu/ugrad/icam.php), and an MFA in Electronic Music & Recording Media from Mills College (http://www.mills.edu/academics/graduate/mus/programs/mfa_in_electronic_music.php).

With a growing discography of sound releases and live cinema collaborations (under the moniker Lissom), she has performed and/or exhibited work at the Biennial of the Americas (http://www.biennialoftheamericas.org/), Seattle’s Decibel Festival, the Mutek A/Vision program at Communikey Festival, Soundwave Festival (http://www.projectsoundwave.com/page/1/), and the Interferenze Festival (http://www.interferenze.org/en) (Italy).

Through field recording, synthesis, signal processing, and other technology that has transformed the definition of instrument, her work explores, mirrors, and expands the edges of perception and consciousness.

From 2004 until May of 2010 Tana worked alongside Recombinant Media Labs (http://rml-cinechamber.org)’ (RML) founder and Director Naut Humon; performing various roles including r&d intern, performance systems programmer, production manager, audio-visual engineer, international partnership liaison (ICAS network), and most recently as Associate Director. From May 2009 until July 2010, she served as the Director of Operations at Gray Area Foundation Foundation for the Arts (http://gaffta.org) (GAFFTA), establishing the infrastructure to support Gray Area’s ongoing projects and public programs.

Tana recently Co-Founded Liminal Space (http://liminal-space.org), an organization and artist run warehouse space that is a direct result of the convergence and culmination of these experiences.

Sound and nature provide an indivisible connection between my embodied self and the subtle energies woven throughout the infinitely shifting experience that is existence. My work intently and intuitively contemplates the nature of perception, and engages the process of accessing possibilities revealed in an aware experience of the present moment. Rooted firmly within my physical being and gazing into the texture, patterns, and depth of field of nature has the affect of opening the span of time into a seemingly endless expanse. As each measure of time spreads outwards, the blanket of interconnectedness chases the quickening edges as they push into the vast reaches of awareness unbound by the limitations normally imposed by the mind and percepts.

I believe that the inorganic and organic have become inseparably interwoven as we have constructed, adapted, and integrated technologies in such a way that they are both an integral and uniquely identifiable component of the fabric of human experience. The tools and methods I employ reflect this convergence, and throughout the process of exploration, experimentation, and creation my aesthetic is continually shaped by the works ability to transform perception of time and space, and ultimately consciousness.

new website: http://www.presenceprojects.co/

image via https://mzz.design/work/interferenze
image formerly here (Leandro Pisano), but now gone: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tristandacunha/4844869500/in/set-72157624493506069/
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