Hudson Yards inaugurationHudson Yards inauguration
Hudson Yards inauguration

I don't know why I hadn't included it before but the opening ceremony for the Hudson Yards development is prime neolib content.

Development done with tax breaks meant for low income housing. Big bird, Anderson Cooper, Chuck Schumer, developers and bankers were all invited.

Top passages quoted from article linked below:

-Chuck Schumer took the stage, invoking Emma Lazarus’s “give me your tired, your poor” poem stamped on the Statue of Liberty and vaguely insinuating that the opening of this vast monument to New Gilded Age New York was a victory against intolerance?

-Performance by Grammy-nominated singer Andra Day, belting her hit “Rise Up,” which has been claimed as an “unofficial anthem” of Black Lives Matter (so TIME magazine tells me)? The song built to a resounding crescendo: “I’ll RISE UP / Rise like the day! / I’ll RISE UP / In spite of the ache…” A powerful ode to the triumph of… tax increment financing? To the “rise” of Heatherwick’s looming sculpture itself? Hard to say.


Roberto Burboa

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