at 2 degrees global temp rise - agriculture yields significantly less bountiful - less food for more people- hurricanes and floods, extreme weather would dramatically increase- 4x as many wildfires in california . 4 degrees all major ice sheets in the planet would begin permanent irreversible melt which means we would lose all ice no matter what we did that ice together would add at leaset 200 feet of sea levle rise to the planet - inundate every single beach youve ever been to. the entire coastline of the world on which 2/3 of all major cities exist would be unrecognizable. 4 degrees means world gdp 20-30 percent smaller than it would be without climate change- 30 percent is an impact twice as deep as the great depression in the 1930s and it would be forever. roughly 600 trillion dollars in global climate damages which is double the amount of money than currently exists in the world- agricultureal yields would be half as productive. mosquitos carrying dengue and malaria would reach around the world up to the arctic circle. currently with emissions remaining at business as usual we are set to hit 4 degrees global temperature increase by 2100- the population will be 11 billion- notes taken from years of living dangerously project with david wallace wells

Jack Wedge