the ideal candidate

the ideal candidate is a leader at heart: proactive, motivated, detail oriented, meticulous, pleasant to be around and work with, and capable of independent decision making. people who thrive in our environment are friendly, curious, and driven to improve their craft.

we believe a variety of backgrounds and interests makes our business thrive; in our environment, passion and engagement are much more valuable than traditional professional kitchen experience.

the following attributes or qualities ensure you'll get the most out of your time at hygf:

→ awake & present: we understand some people need heads-down time while they’re working or during an “off day”, but we hope the overwhelming majority of our days are spent chatting with each other and customers, learning and teaching, and being engaged and focused on the task at hand.

→ inspired by potential: question everything–keeping an open mind to all ideas and thoughts about how to make something better than it was before–including yourself. feedback is a natural part of your learning process: you feel comfortable giving and receiving it, and it motivates you to do your best.

→ professional mistake-maker: don't let your fear of failure keep you from making the mistakes that lead to something great! mistakes happen–we expect and welcome them, but we also learn from them. we work on strengthening our self-compassion muscle in tandem.

→ a strong sense of ownership (and pride in your work): this is not a “clock in clock out” job! only those fully invested in our mission & values with a strong interest in our day-to-day (gluten free baking, interacting with customers) will thrive here. hygf is special: it will probably be the first place you work at where you can truly influence the company’s trajectory. that system only works when the team is strongly committed to the same values, goals, and to one another.

→ be adaptable: things change every day, every month, every quarter–and we think that’s a good thing. If you are excited by, and thrive in, an ever-evolving environment, this is the job for you! we believe constantly iterating on, honing, and improving our process and our menu keeps things fresh + operating at their peak.