BLK Magazine July 1991
BLK Magazine July 1991

“High Risk, Low Priority”

An excerpt from one of the issues of BLK Magazine entitled “High Risk, Low Priority”—talks about AIDS in the Black Gay community, and how others refused to acknowledge its presence in the POC communities. Writer Michael Broder claims that society is turning a blind eye on this epidemic, an illness that is killing people at an exponential rate. Broder writes, “Low self-esteem and lack of empowerment around the issue of being gay pose the most serious obstacles to the development of a safer-sex consciousness among Black Gay men.” This effects of this illness weigh even deeper in the Black Gay community, an identity group that receives barely enough attention as it is. Being both Black and Gay, the community is subject to an absurdly low amount of participation and cooperation with the government.

BLK Magazine July 1991 Whole No. 32 Vol. 3, No. 7: “High Risk, Low Priority: AIDS in the Black Gay Community”

(Article addressing AIDS in the Black Gay Community in Los Angeles)

Silas Munro
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