• Your language as a writer is a function in part of who your audience is and the medium in which you’re writing but also of the subject.
  • Tone matters a lot. Think about how you’re coming across — make it for them.
  • One of the ways you can train your writing style is you can move between different forms
  • Write in a very buttoned-up formal voice and write in the most freeing voice imaginable
  • Think about taking the same story and writing it in 5 ways — series of texts, 3 emails, as a letter to a friend, pretentious literary magazine — the story will be completely different because of the tone
  • The skill is in coming up with something interesting to say in the moment.
  • Strong emotions in your audience is a very different task than producing levity
  • Humor is powerful. We laugh all the time.

By Malcolm Gladwell

Justin Kwong